Silence is Golden1600x1600

Atman – Silence IGolden

10 Track Album from the Rhode Island Artist, Available 9/30

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Nightmares & Killer available on #SoundCloud

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Jae – In My Own World

4 Track EP from the Native Providence, Rhode Island Artist

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Jae – IDKE

Directors: Kevin Almada & Ade for Lucid Reality

Producer: L

Executive Producer: Atman

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In My Own World

Q2/2014 (June, 2014) —- IDKE Video

Q3/2014 (July, 2014) —- In My Own World

Above is the EP/Video Release Schedule for Jae. The EP will be comprised of 3-4 Tracks,  available courtesy of SoundCloud.


The Silent Treatment

Q3/2014 (July, 2014) —- Silence is Golden

Q4/2014 (December, 2014) —- The Silent King

Q2/2015 (July, 2015) —– Suicides & Terrorists

Q4/2015 (December, 2015) —- Silent Hill

Q2/2016 (June, 2016) —- Silence is Deafening

Above is the Album Release Schedule for Atman from 2014 to 2016. Projects may shift from the dates given, but the projects themselves will remain the same. Each album will be comprised of 10 tracks, except Silent King, which will have 18 tracks. They will be available for Stream for 3 months before going into Digital Stores, courtesy of SoundCloudiTunes, and Spotify. It took a lot to craft this story, thank you for being patient with me. I sincerely appreciate it.


I Want It – Produced by Jay Bisa/Atman

#SiGSilence is Golden – Releasing Q3/2014