I Want It – Produced by Jay Bisa/Atman

#SiGSilence is Golden – Releasing 4/29


 I.D.K.E. —– Presented by Jae 
Jae’s Mixtape is dropping Q3/2014……..#Service
Without further wait…..this is our #401Summer 
Presented & Produced by Dj Future 


1st Single off of Atman’s “The Silent King”

Album releasing in Q3/2014



1st and Foremost…I have to send a sincere Thank You to everyone who’s been supporting the team, our music, and our movement. We can’t even express the level of appreciation at this point. We’re at a major transitional point, from basically being nobodies, to getting national airplay. That’s only the beginning though, and I really only have you all to thank for that. We’ve really been doing nothing different. We’ve only been making the best possible music our souls allow us to create, while maintaining a safe level of sanity throughout the whole process. It is really you all, extending our reach, our exposure, our notoriety. I can’t express enough thanks, we truly appreciate the love.

….and the hate. We love the hate, too. Keep that bullshit coming.

But without taking too much of your time I would like to present the Artwork for Lead Single off of my “The Silent King” album, titled “Devils May Cry (Act I)”

To be as philosophical, thoughtful, soulful, and progressive as I can possibly be……I made a song about strippers.


Release Date: 8.13.2013

Album Release Date: Q3/2013

Also, to show my appreciation, I’ve included a Free Track from the Album. It’s a Bonus Track, so don’t get your panties all knotted up. The album is very much not releasing for free.

Check out DJ Future’s latest release: #401Spring. Now Available for Streaming & Download.